Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lots New In Store This Week - and a GIVEAWAY!

Hey guys - I've been so busy this week that I forgot to post here and mention a few of the new things that I've put into the shop. Check them out here: Trinkets. I've been making new buttons, cute new stuffed houses and more!

I've also been making some new pincushions! And speaking of pincushions, you have to head over to my other blog and enter my pincushion giveaway! It's here: Laurie Star . Come check it out and leave me a comment to enter to win this wonderful book called: "Pretty Little Pincushions" by Lark Books. You'll also win a handmade pincushion made by yours truly!
You have until August 24th, so get over there! :)

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  1. I AM FLIPPING OUT!!! Your adorable packaged arrived today and I am totally in love! The cushion is divine and I cannot wait to settle in and read the book! Ive flipped through and what GREAT ideas! Ive never made anything small like that so Im gonna give it a try - maybe tomorrow even! YAY! I am OH SO happy - thrilled even! I knew they would be great but I had no idea - Im fixing to post on my blog about now! YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!! THANK YOU 1000 xs


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